Projects & Policy

CWIP PAC supports the following clean water infrastructure projects, general infrastructure projects, water policy, and legislation (not a comprehensive list).

Metropolitan Water District of So CA: Regional Recycled Water Project

The Regional Recycled Water Program will purify wastewater to produce sustainable, high-quality water that could be used again. This partnership with Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts started with a demonstration facility and could eventually become one of the largest advanced water treatment plants in the world.  Click here for more information.


Metropolitan Water District of So CA: Delta Conveyance Project

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is under threat, and so are the water supplies that must pass through it. At the direction of Gov. Gavin Newsom, California initiated an environmental review process for the construction of a large tunnel that would carry water from the north underneath the Delta to delivery infrastructure in the south, bypassing the Delta’s imperiled environment. Delta Conveyance Project would feature two intakes with a total diversion capacity of 6,000 cubic feet-per-second (alternatives also will be evaluated). As Metropolitan continues to increase local supplies and promote conservation in So. California, modernizing the state's water delivery system to protect from future losses is the most cost effective way to manage rates for the region.   Click here for more information.


SB 403 (Gonzalez)

This bill will help prevent Californians from losing access to safe drinking water by giving the State Water Board (which regulates public water systems) the authority to order systems to consolidate when they are deemed “at risk” of failure, without having to wait until residents are endangered by unsafe water supplies.  Click here for more information.


SB 552 (Hertzberg)

This bill improves drought preparedness for small and rural communities by making changes to local drought and water shortage contingency plans and enhancing coordination between local and state governments, small water suppliers, and rural communities.  Click here for more information.


California Department of Water Resources: Infrastructure

The California we know today, with a population of nearly 40 million people and agricultural land covering millions of acres, would not be possible without major investments in human-engineered infrastructure projects that transport water and power throughout the state and reduce flood risk. Investing in resilient watersheds and ecosystems, or our “green infrastructure,” is just as important to the sustainability of our water supplies and flood management as the concrete structures that move water throughout the state.  Click here for more information.

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Let's Work Together

We support projects, policies and legislation that ensure diverse sources of high-quality water systems are available to all Californians.  We support projects, policies and legislation that create jobs and improve our water infrastructure.